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Amy Glasser, DOM, is a botanical artist and herbalist. Her affinity to beauty and plants, along with her extensive studies, allows her to express ethnobotanical knowledge and intuition in a way that is a call out to all of those who have a deep passion to coexist with the plant world. She predominantly works in watercolor but is efficient in acrylic/oil paint, textiles, found objects, and murals.


Amy designs her art on clothing, and creates educational and visual aids to learn about medicinal plants. Amy is a practicing herbalist with a deep knowledge of western plants. She thanks her teachers Jane Bothwell, Rosemary Gladstar, and Christa Sinadinos. She is a graduate of the Southwest Acupuncture College of Chinese Medicineand is currently practicing Acupuncture and integrating Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine in her mobile clinic in New Mexico. 

Proud to be 30 years old today!  #pisces
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